Hold $FETH, Earn $PEPE

The first meme coin to give $PEPE rewards to all holders. Twice the rewards, Twice the profits.

Ethereum Mainnet

$FETH is on Ethereum Mainnet, so make sure you have ETH in your wallet to purchase it!


Click here to load the uniswap pairing for $FETH! After it loads, simply input the amount of ETH you want to spend or the amount of $FETH you want to buy. Remember, you can never have too much $FETH


You can also trade $FETH on your favorite tools like dexscreener, dextools, or maestro bot. The token contract address can be found below once live.

Frequently Asked Questions

$FETH is the first community-driven, Ethereum-based token to give $PEPE reflections to all holders.

All $PEPE reflections will be claimable on our website.

$FETH is a token that puts the community first above all others. This is why the profit and rewards for holders come first above all else.